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The Centre for Research and Innovation in Linguistic Education

CIEL Secretariat:
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The Journal of Linguistic and Intercultural Education - JoLIE -

is the yearly publication of

the Centre for Research and Innovation in Linguistic Education (CIEL)


1 Decembrie 1918 University of Alba Iulia, Romania.

The Journal of Linguistic and Intercultural Education is concerned with all aspects pertaining to linguistic and intercultural education today. Preference is given to articles which bring a significant contribution to current debate in language education policies, instruments and end products, bi- and plurilingualism, language learning/teaching and teacher education, as well as in intercultural and cross-cultural awareness. The language of submission and publication is English. Contributors whose native language is not English should have their manuscripts read by a native speaker before submission.

Authors are required to submit abstracts in both English and their mother tongue. Occasionally, an article may be submitted in the author"s mother tongue provided the topic is particularly relevant for the language in question and that title, abstract, keywords and all bibliographical references are given in English.

Each submission must be accompanied by a short biographical note on the author(s).

Only articles that have not previously been published, and are not currently under consideration for publication elsewhere are to be submitted. All articles will undergo rigorous peer-review, upon prior editor screening and anonymous refereeing done by at least three scholars in the field. Following acceptance of a paper, the author will be asked to assign copyright (on certain conditions) to Aeternitas Publishing House.

Contributors are responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce any material in which they do not own copyright, to be used in both print and electronic media, and for ensuring that the appropriate acknowledgements are included in their manuscript.

Upon publication, authors will receive a PDF file with their contribution and one copy of the relevant journal issue.

Next year"s primary focus of the journal is languages and discourses in contact (from both synchronic - individual and societal or diachronic perspectives).

The main topics will be: "old" and "new" world Englishes (with their varied contextual and functional manifestations in terms of genres, conventions of politeness, code-mixing and switching), including business Englishes, cyber Englishes, pop vs. elite culture Englishes, etc. We would particularly welcome contributions on the role of language contact in shaping social, political, economic and cultural discourses and identities.

We accept papers for consideration on a permanent basis; however, for the next year"s issue we would suggest the following deadline: 1 March 2012.